V.K.Office Supplies was founded by Mr. Saratkumar Krishnasing in april 1994 as a sole proprietor. In september 2007 the business form was changed into a Limited liability company. After many years to have been located in a small building on Kersstreet, the company in Januari 2009 opened a Mega store at the Engel Slootstreet. Currently there are 30 people employed atV.K. Office Supplies NV, the largest of its kind inSuriname.


Importing goods in the field of office stationery, office furniture, telecommunication and electronic equipment, computers and computer supplies. The creation, editing, processing and trading of such goods. Acting as agent and representative of third parties with respect to activities and transactions related to these objectives..


Our customers are:

  • Wholesalers
  • Large companies
  • Surinamese government
  • Small consumers


Suppliers and brands

Our suppliers of world famous brands are located in different continents such as:

  • USA
  • South america
  • Europa
  • Asia
  • Trinidad & Tobago